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GUANGZHOU MEDCAN PHARMATECH is a high-tech company engaged in the development of new biopharmaceutical products, sales, genetic engineering, bioinformatics and other areas of research and development. With a registered capital of 16,662,728 RMB, our company has established strategic alliances with more than 10 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical biotechnology companies and universities. Our company's product research and development is at the forefront of domestic and related fields. In China, the company has received Guangzhou Yuan Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and South China Normal University’s support. It has also developed a partnership with the Guangdong Medical College and South China Drug Discovery Centre
Our company currently has 18 employees, including 4 PhDs, 6 masters, 2 pharmacists and an excellent R & D team. Alongside a strong technical force, dynamic management, and a good channel of finance, we are capable of developing new drugs and technology for both economic and social benefit.
Our employees have extensive experience with the synthesis of small molecule drugs and microbial fermentation. In pharmaceutical preparations, our company has developed a variety of dosage forms, including some new formulations such as liquid capsules, controlled release, and targeted drug delivery systems. Our company has many agents experienced with the exporting of registered technology to the EU, the United States, Cuba, Brazil and India. We have established a comprehensive library of fermentation bacteria with dozens of drug bacteria fermentation species, such as erythromycin, daptomycin, Nepal, the Secretary, a full set of statins and other bacteria fermentation processes. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our company.

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